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Last Updated: Tue., Mar. 20, 2018 @ 5:29 pm

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Web Access Grows Increasingly Mobile

Thu, Mar. 8, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

mobile phoneAbout 16 percent of all U.S. Internet users — or nearly 45 million people — will access the web exclusively via a mobile device in 2018, according to a recent eMarketer report.

French/West/Vaughan Promotes Pork of NC

Mon, Mar. 5, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

NCPCFrench/West/Vaughan has scooped up the North Carolina Pork Council to oversee its brand positioning, creative development, media relations, social media and advertising efforts.

TV Ads Reign Supreme

Thu, Feb. 15, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

ClutchA recent survey of consumer advertising preferences shows that TV ads remain the most popular, effective and memorable advertising medium among consumers.

Keys to Unlocking the Power of Celebrity for PR

Tue, Jan. 30, 2018

By Tara Reid

Tara ReidCelebrity endorsements remain a valuable opportunity to boost sales, loyalty and inspire consumer confidence, yet some guidelines are needed to determine if the star power of a celebrity partnership is truly right for your brand.

Heritage Foundation Staffer Takes Walk to Glover Park

Tue, Jan. 2, 2018

By Steve Barnes

Sarah Culvahouse MillsThe Glover Park Group has hired Sarah Culvahouse Mills, most recently communications & media relations director at The Heritage Foundation and one-time aide to Laura Bush, as VP.

Ads Motivate Millennials More Than Older Generations

Fri, Dec. 8, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

ClutchA recent study suggests that Millennials are more likely to trust marketing messages and to make a purchase after seeing or hearing an advertisement about a product than older generations.

Marketers Take $300B Hit from 'Plain Packaging' Laws

Thu, Dec. 7, 2017

By Steve Barnes

coca cola logoFood and beverage brands stand to lose almost $300 billion if “plain packaging” laws similar to those recently enacted for tobacco products in several countries were applied to alcohol, sugary drinks, confectionery and savory snacks. (1 reader comment)

PR Pros Place Bets on Content in 2018

Wed, Nov. 22, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

CognitoCommunicators in the financial world are aware of the roles new technologies play in marketing and PR, but their efforts to keep up with today’s evolving landscape are routinely beset by budget constraints and teams possessing limited skillsets, according to a new survey.

Uncle Sam Wants You, Again in Times Square

Fri, Nov. 10, 2017

By Steve Barnes

Times Square recruitingMembers of each branch of the military today re-opened the Times Square recruiting station, which is busiest walk-in recruiting center in the country. (1 reader comment)

Being a Better Agency Partner

Tue, Oct. 3, 2017

By Anita Gomes

Anita GomesFactors that make an outstanding agency partner, from a former client who would know.

Leaders Beat Influencers at Winning Earned Media

Wed, Sep. 27, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

DS SimonThe use of influencers has grown wildly popular in recent years, but according to a survey released by D S Simon Media, the press doesn’t appear to be nearly as enthusiastic about the practice.

Marketing Corporate Anniversaries

Thu, Sep. 21, 2017

By Steve Barnes

The History FactoryPlanning and implementing corporate anniversary campaigns will be the focus of the Anniversary Marketing Summit, to be presented in Chicago by heritage management agency The History Factory on Oct. 17.

Zenith Media Trims Ad Spend Forecast

Tue, Sep. 12, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

ZenithZenith Media cuts 2017 global ad spending growth to 4.0 percent due to $558B due to challenges in Europe, slump in Mexico.

Ad Watchdog Goes After Goop

Wed, Aug. 23, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

GoopTruth in Advertising has filed a complaint with government regulators regarding marketing claims allegedly made by Goop, the lifestyle brand and digital media property founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Budweiser Again Re-Labels Beer 'America'

Mon, Aug. 7, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Budwieser Budweiser, which last year said it was re-labeling its beer “America” for the election season, is again using the word, raising the ire of those who say the company is based in Belgium and is dominated by Brazilian bankers. (4 reader comments)

Marketers Value, Misunderstand AI

Tue, Jul. 11, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

EmarsysRetail marketers embrace artificial intelligence technologies, but currently lack the required skills to put this technology into practice, according to a recent study.