Camonghne Felix
Camonghne Felix

Camonghne Felix, who was national director of surrogates communications, black media & strategic communications for Elizabeth Warren's presidential run, has joined Blue State in Washington.

She will lead strategic communications for the WPP unit that has worked for Ford Motor, UNICEF, Google and Planned Parent Federation of America.

Before joining the Warren campaign, Felix was communications director for Amara Envia's run for mayor of Chicago, senior communications manager at MS Foundation for Women, senior account executive/strategist at BerlinRosen and speechwriter for New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Blue State CEO/co-founder Joe Rospars said Felix's "campaign experience, passion for cause-based communications, and unique writing abilities," makes her a perfect fit for the firm.

He served as chief strategist for Warren's campaign and new media director for Barack Obama presidential campaigns.

Blue State has 150 employees in five offices (DC, Brooklyn, Chicago, Oakland and London).