BGR Group unveils Impact Index, a data-based analysis that gauges the clout of foreign countries in the US and DC.

The tool is part of BGR’s Analytics group that launched in May under Frank Ahrens, the firm’s PR principal.

The Impact Index aggregates and analyzes data across 25 main categories divided into 109 indicators.

The data are compiled, weighted and scored to produce a ranking for each of the 195 UN member and observer nations in each of the 25 main categories, as well as an overall ranking.

BGR says the tool is the only Index that incorporates online media monitoring and social media monitoring and analysis to give countries up-to-the-minute insight about what is being said about them online.

BGR analyzed 3.8 trillion pieces of online and social media data from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2022.

The Impact Index is designed to be actionable—countries can clearly see where they stand in regard to peer and rival countries and how they can improve their ranking.

It gives them the lay of the land, showing the categories where they punch above and below their weights.

Ahrens says with the Impact Index countries no longer have to rely on anecdotal, outdated and untested assumptions and gut feeling when determining where they stand and deciding how to engage with policymakers and the media.

He expects BGR’s current clients (India, South Korea, Bahrain and Uzbekistan) and future ones will benefit from the Impact Index.