Chad Ensley
Chad Ensley

Chad Ensley, a national security and tech expert who has worked for the CIA, Pentagon, White House and State Department, comes on board at FGS Global as partner, based in Washington, DC.

Serving as a senior program manager overseeing work on emerging technology and liaising with the private sector, Ensley has helped implement programs producing analytic research and insights on such critical sectors as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, financial services and quantum computing.

He began his career in national security immediately following 9/11, serving as an intelligence analyst at the Pentagon. As a senior leader at the CIA, he developed, analyzed and synthesized intelligence on strategic technology and geopolitical competition.

He is also CEO and co-founder of Khyros, an artificial intelligence startup that has developed analytic software to automate geospatial intelligence analysis.

Carter Eskew, FGS co-chair, said Ensley will help the firm develop scalable, data-driven products that will help meet the increasingly complex needs of clients.