The Embassy of Iraq has issued a one-year $540K contract with Washington-based Valcour global public strategy firm for outreach to US and state government officials to improve the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Valcour president Matt Mowers handles the Iraqi work. He advised on issues related to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, North Korea and immigration reform.

The firm reports to Iraq’s US ambassador, Nazar Al Khirullah, who took the post last June.

He hosted an “evening dialogue” event on Feb. 11 with key journalists from the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Politico, Foreign Policy and "News Hour" to pitch the role that Iraq plays in supporting peace and stability in the Middle East.

Valcour’s contract, which went into effect this month, calls for it to be available for regular in-person meetings with the Embassy, upon request.

The firm’s $45K monthly retainer is payable by check quarterly in advance.