The Government of Libya dropped its $1M one-year pact with Qorvis following an evaluation of the performance of the MSLGroup entity.

“Our current contract will continue through the end of May. We are in discussions regarding what support is needed beyond that,” a MSL spokesperson told O'Dwyer's.

The contract, which went into effect March 20, allowed either party to terminate the relationship with thirty days notice.

It called for CEO Michael Petruzzello's shop to "open channels of communication" through government relations and to organize meetings for Libyan officials, according to its contract.

The goal was to "ensure Libya's messages reach the White House, media, think tanks and Capitol Hill."

In abandoning the PR push, Libya's government decided that its position is a "complicated one for many PR companies to deal with,’’ according to the Libya Herald.

Since the death of strongman Col. Muammar Qaddafi four years ago, Libya has been in a state of chaos with warring factions struggling for control of the country's oil and combatting terrorists from the Islamic State.

Washington recognizes the group headquartered in Tobruk and Bayda as the legitimate ruler of Libya.

France's Publicis Groupe owns MSL.