andy prayDetroit agency network Project has acquired Brooklyn PR shop Praytell, a four-year-old firm with outposts in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin.

Robert Vallee, CEO of the advertising and marketing-focused Project, said the group has wanted to add a PR firm for some time before landing on Praytell, which he praised for its “contemporary skills and digital smarts.”

The 45-staffer Praytell is led by Andy Pray, along with managing partners Beth Cleveland and Claudio Taratuta, who remain in place.

Pray was a senior VP for Ruder Finn and its RFI Studios unit. He started out with Antenna Group and Waggener Edstrom after working in journalism at KPIX.

In a post on Medium, Pray said, “We get to keep the band together while building it out at the same time.”