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Artificial intelligence

PR Lessons from OpenAI

Fri., Dec. 29, 2023

Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorrissianSilicon Valley is full of dramatic moments, but few sagas capture its volatile mix of ambition, intrigue and ethical quandaries like OpenAI's rollercoaster ride with Sam Altman.

Humanizing Smart Tech in the PR 5.0 Era

Mon., Nov. 6, 2023

Jamie Kightley

Jamie KightleyAI has revolutionized the ways in which we create content and can be used by PR and marketing pros to minimize monotonous tasks, but as with all new technologies, it’s easy to forget that the creative driving force behind them is always people. Now, hyper-personalization will only improve AI’s future use in the PR and marketing world, as it harnesses the most powerful weapon in the PR toolkit: the human touch.

Revisiting the Chatbot

Mon., Aug. 7, 2023

Henry Feintuch

Henry FeintuchChatbots have gotten a bad rap. Thanks to advances in AI, however, the technology has come a long way. Chatbots today can provide efficient support, enhance customer personalization and improve security while reducing costs for financial institutions, revolutionizing the ways that consumers and companies access and manage their finances.


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