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85 Broad St., c/o WeWork, New York, NY 10004


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Travel, tourism, hospitality, destinations, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, associations, attractions, services.

Employees: 10. Founded: 2002.

Agency Statement:

Redpoint is a full-service agency with deep roots in travel, tourism, and hospitality. We got our start back in 2002 as a PR firm, but we've grown since then to offer a range of related services including website design, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, consulting, and training. We confess, however, that PR runs through our veins, so image management and brand development are always at the forefront of our client programs.

A passion for results ALSO runs through our veins, indeed, it's in our very name (the composite of "Results, Energy, Direction, and a to-the-POINT focus"). Results come in many forms, more clicks, coverage, shares, eyes, exposure, and revenue are among the most frequently sought.

But not all results are tallied in clear, tangible quantities. We are often asked to shift the perception of a brand. Or develop a shoulder season. Or inspire a company's staff to be more gracious to its guests. Or evaluate complex situations to make decision-making simple.

We're versatile in choosing the right tools to get the job done. And while our patient determination shepherds clients all the way to the long-term goal line, we make sure there are plenty of short-term wins along the way.

Bottom line: we seek, craft, and share compelling stories with the audiences that matter most to hotels, resorts, cruise lines, destinations, attractions, travel services, associations, and more. And while we serve clients around the world, we are especially well known as leading PR and marketing experts for New England and Canadian travel brands.

Victoria Feldman de Falco, Christina Miranda, principals; Ross Evans, VP; Gina Dolecki, VP

Clients Include:

Atlantic Canada Agreement on Tourism
Barn on the Pemi, NH
Barnstead Inn, VT
Billings Farm & Museum, VT
The Brenton Hotel, RI
Common Man Inns & Spa, NH
Common Man Restaurants
The Flying Monkey, NH
Gros Morne Inn, NL
Learning Journeys
New Brunswick Tourism, Canada
Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism, Canada
Nova Scotia's South Shore
Nova Scotia Tourism, Canada
Perillo Tours
Prince Edward Island Tourism, Canada
Ride Expeditions
Taste of Gros Morne, NL
Taste of Nova Scotia
Tour Gros Morne, NL
US Tour Operators Assn.
Woodstock Inn & Resort, VT

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