Omnicom announces a collaboration with Getty Images that will provide it early access to Generative AI by Getty Images, a tool that pairs Getty’s creative content with AI technology to provide what the company says is a commercially safe and legally indemnified generative AI tool. Omincom integrated the tool into Omni, its open operating system, as part of their Alpha testing program, allowing agency teams to use Omni’s data to safely create on-brand content. The tool can also be brought into client ecosystems and customized with clients’ proprietary data. “Getty Images shares our commitment to the responsible use of AI, and that makes their new tool all the more enticing to us, especially given it is built with high quality authentic content,” said Omnicom EVP, chief technology officer Paolo Yuvienco.

Brass TAcks

Brass Tacks Media, a Birmingham, UK-based PR and social media company, launches in partnership with The Abbi Agency. The two firms, which will share resources and expertise, are working with travel, lifestyle and technology clients in both the UK and the US. The Abbi Agency director of media relations Lydia Eason is co-founder and managing director of the new firm. Abbi Whitaker, The Abbi Agency president and CEO, is originally from the West Midlands, and maintains close professional connections within the UK, further solidifying the partnership. "Earned media is often the first impression any customer will have with an organization," said Whitaker. "It's important to work with an agency that understands a product's positioning in both the US and UK markets in order to develop a strong point of view and enable that product to influence the conversation long term."

Tom Corsillo
Tom Corsillo

Marino SVP Tom Corsillo, who leads the agency’s public affairs practice, is elected to a four-year term on the Fairfield, CT Town Plan and Zoning Commission. In his 18 years at Marino Corsillo has developed and executed stakeholder engagement and media campaigns that have won approval for more than $12 billion in economic development and more than 10,000 new homes. “Tom’s expertise goes far beyond media; he has a deep understanding of zoning and is highly skilled at engaging stakeholders to shape every development so that it reflects and earns the buy-in of the surrounding community,” said Marino president John F. Marino. The markets Marino serves include real estate, lifestyle, and consumer, nonprofit and education, public affairs and advocacy, technology/innovation, and professional services.