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Abbi Agency, The

Abbi Agency, The

1385 Haskell St., Reno, NV 89509-2844


[email protected]

Healthcare & medical, technology, travel & tourism, development, financial, public affairs.

Employees: 47. Founded: 2008.

Agency Statement:

Founded in 2008, The Abbi Agency is a woman-owned and operated integrated marketing communications firm with significant experience across a wide variety of business verticals, including destination and hospitality marketing, economic development, professional services, healthcare, finance, technology and consumer lifestyle products. We do this work by developing and managing diverse, multi-channel creative campaigns that are both innovative and compelling for the many constituent groups our clients intend to reach, and by building performance touchpoints into our marketing programs to ensure that we are nimble, agile, responsive and effective in our outreach methodologies.

Our team is made up of 35+ full-time experts across various marketing disciplines. We're headquartered in Reno, Nevada and hold offices in Las Vegas, and the United Kingdom, along with remote employees across the expansive U.S. allowing our distributed team to work effectively across time zones and to travel as necessary for client engagements.

We are a full-service shop with broad capabilities that believes in supporting and encouraging our team to create the award-winning, transformational campaigns that we are so proud to produce. We also work well with other agencies to produce cohesive brand campaigns and integrated messaging across all platforms.

We are fiercely independent and true to our mission, vision and values -- but also fiercely dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion and leaving the communities we enter better off than we found them. We understand the importance of elevating voices that are not always readily heard, of extending opportunities for career growth to a diverse workforce, and of practicing cultural humility as we navigate the nuanced needs, wants and perspectives of a vibrant and varied constituency.

Abbi Whitaker, pres./co-founder; Ty Whitaker, CEO/co-founder; Connie Anderson, chief strategy officer/partner

Clients Include:

Edgewood Tahoe Resort
EXO Imaging
Explore Murrieta
Go Goleta
KP Aviation
Nevada Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Nevada Dept. of Wildlife
Nevada Health Exchange
North Lake Tahoe
Prominence Health Plan
Senator Heidi Gansert
The Row
Travel Nevada
Visit Carmel By-The-Sea
Visit Henderson
Visit Morro Bay
Waste Management

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