The Abbi Agency

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The Abbi Agency

The Abbi Agency

1385 Haskell St., Reno, NV 89509


Healthcare & medical, technology, travel & tourism, development, financial, public affairs.

Employees: 34. Founded: 2008.

Agency Statement:

The Abbi Agency is designed to do one very specific thing very, very well: solve problems. To do that, we've created an operating structure that's fluid, nimble, and adaptive, one that allows us to seamlessly integrate vital expertise to meet whatever challenge might be at hand.

Think creative writers working hand-in-hand with back-end programmers. Think public relations strategists melding minds with a best-in-class SEO team. Think graphic designer gurus and social media savants joined in marketplace disruption. Think of all the beautiful results we can achieve, together.

Abbi Whitaker, pres./co-founder; Ty Whitaker, CEO/co-founder;
Bryan Allison, CMO; Connie Anderson, VP of client services

Clients Include:

Edgewood Tahoe Resort
EXO Imaging
Explore Murrieta
Go Goleta
KP Aviation
Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
Nevada Department of Wildlife
Nevada Health Exchange
North Lake Tahoe
Prominence Health Plan
Senator Heidi Gansert
The Row
Travel Nevada
Visit Carmel By-The-Sea
Visit Henderson
Waste Management

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