Cogent Strategies has filed a one-year $300K to provide PR services to Iraq’s US embassy.

The pact, which went into effect Jan. 10, replaces an earlier contract that was pegged at $200K per-annum.

Cogent, which was launched by Podesta Group chief Kimberley Fritts in November 2017 after that firm imploded, promotes the embassy’s priorities in the policy community and conducts outreach to think tanks.

The firm also monitors the US press. handles social media activities and works to boost the profile of Iraq’s ambassador Nazar Al Khirullah.

He presided over a Jan. 22 seminar entitled “Twenty Years of Challenge and Achievement: The Iraqis’ Journey Toward Democracy.”

The embassy pitched that event as part of its effort “towards changing the stereotyped image of Iraq, promoting tourism in various regions, and demonstrating the political stability that has been achieved.”