Generation Zapped

Health advocates are asking consumers to take a close look at “4G” Wi-Fi transmissions, saying they raise health concerns.

“4G,” also known as “Fourth Generation” and “LTE,” meaning “Long Term Evolution,” has come into widespread use in the U.S. and many other countries.

Bulletin: click here for trailer for "Generation Zapped," a new film highlighting dangers of EMF.

The 74-minute crowd funded documentary investigates research on health risks associated with wireless technology. It says the public encounters more than 100,000 times the levels of Radio Frequency (RF) exposure from wireless technologies than it did decades ago when the FCC first published its regulations designed to protect the public.


A number of international scientists are featured including Martin Blank, Lennart Hardell, and Magda Havas. The film explores the cause and effect relationships of RF exposure on infertility, learning disabilities, cancer and other diseases.

It asks the audience to use technology safely.

Peter Sullivan is Executive Producer.

4G is “tremendously powerful and has faster bandwidth that provides lightning-fast service to mobile internet users,” says Priya Viswanathan, a researcher who has studied the health effects of the new technology.

“While 4G bestows many more conveniences than 3G ever could, it comes with potentially very dangerous health issues as well,” she writes.

Telecoms such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are “well aware” of the claims of health advocates but are “more interested in their own profit margins,” she says.

A problem for health advocates, she notes, is that there is “no conclusive medical evidence to prove anything at all. We continue to wait and watch as the battle rages on.”

High-Powered Towers Being Erected

Additional high-powered towers are being erected in order to make 4G work efficiently.

Smartphones are being equipped with a series of antennae that “further intensifies the risks of being exposed to radiation,” says Viswanathan.

Health advocates say the dangers of pulsed radiation have been proven and refer doubters to websites including, and

EMFs are especially dangerous to children, seniors and fetuses.

Gov. Brown Vetoed Tower Bill

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown onOct. 15 vetoed Senate Bill 649 that would have removed local control of cellphone tower creation. It would have created a state mandated system of cell towers every couple of hundred feet apart in California. Brown said local communities should have a say in placement of such towers.

Opposing it were 300 cities, 47 counties and more than 100 community, planning, health, environment and justice organizations.

The bill would have allowed unlimited refrigerator-size cell equipment on utility poles, streetlights, sidewalks, in parks, on schools and public buildings with no safety oversight.

Mary Beth Brangan, co-director of Ecological Options Network, said, “Now we need to prepare ourselves for the next state and federal telecom push, where they will try again with bills to overtake local authority and disregard public health.”

Verizon and Crown Castle, a wireless service firm, have proposed wireless antennae in Alamo, Piedmont and Hillsborough, three high income towns in California. Residents are opposing the installations which require local government approval.

Mass. Mulls Wi-Fi Bills

Two bills regulating wireless transmissions are the subject of public hearings before the Massachusetts legislature.

Senator Donald Humason's Bill S. 2080 calls for medical community training and insurance for wireless radiation-related illnesses. Hearings started on Nov. 28.

Senator Karen Spilka's Bill S. 1268 creating a commission to address wireless radiation and public health will be heard starting Dec. 11.

The state Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education is examining the biological risks of Wi-Fi in schools. It is reviewing testimony on all seven wireless radiation bills, and is working with the Dept. of Public Health on ways to protect students and staff.

The DPH is preparing fact sheets on electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radiation emitted by high voltage power lines, cell towers, cell phones and other wireless technology.

Understanding EMFs

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