TURNER books Eurail in the US. TURNER has been tasked with media, influencer, travel advisor and tour operator relations helping to drive engagement, distribution and growth for Eurail in the US market. Eurail’s network of rail partners and range of pass options allow travelers from non-European countries to explore up to 33 countries and over 30,000 destinations with one (mobile-accessible) pass.


Marino picks up Community Preservation Corporation, a nonprofit affordable housing and community revitalization finance company. Marino is working with executives across CPC to formulate an in-depth communications program that targets key stakeholders including clients, developers, investors, the media, and the general public. Founded in 1974, CPC is the only nonprofit mortgage lender in the country and specializes in affordable housing investment and community revitalization, utilizing strategic relationships with government agencies, local community groups, banks, and other lenders to create customizable loan opportunities that facilitate homes for those in need. Marino was awarded the assignment through prior engagement with the PACT Renaissance Collaborative (PRC), a consortium of nonprofit and for-profit partners – of which CPC is a key member – that has spent the last few years rehabilitating and renovating a portfolio of 16 public housing developments across Manhattan.


Colangelo & Partners is selected as PR agency of record for Sorel, a hibiscus liqueur inspired by the ancestral Afro-Caribbean beverage. The program is designed to increase brand awareness across consumers and industry professionals and drive sales. Colangelo & Partners will also support the development of organized partnerships and events. Sorel was perfected as the first and only shelf-stable sorrel liqueur in 2012 by company founder Jackie Summers. "Colangelo & Partners has the experience and expertise to be the steward of the brand story, celebrating the work of the African and Indigenous people who contributed to what Sorel represents. They are the ideal partner to elevate the brand and showcase its rich cultural significance,” said Summers.