Pollack Group, The

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Pollack Group, The

Pollack Group, The

1901 Ave. of the Stars, #1040, Los Angeles, CA 90067

310/556-4443; fax: 310/286-2350



Corporate, consumer products and svcs., professional svcs., bus.-to-bus.

Employees: 16. Founded: 1985.

Agency Statement:

At The Pollack Group, we recognize that consumers do not want to be told why a brand should matter to them, so rather than "telling and selling," we create meaningful, long lasting brand experiences, that steer influence, drive relevance and build fierce and lasting loyalty.

Pollack serves Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike, in shaping perceptions, sparking trends, managing reputations and increasing organizations’ market and mind share. We empower clients to continuously adapt to the digital transformation of our world and broaden their global reach. At the agency, content creation and social media are at the forefront of all client communications efforts, as are packaged media stories that inform and trigger conversations. Our teams are creative, critical thinkers and strong in traditional skills.

Established in 1985, the agency is led by senior professionals who are involved with every aspect of a client's program and available to them on a day-to-day basis or per need.

Noemi Pollack, CEO; Stefan Pollack, pres. & CFO; Will Ostedt, sr. VP; Mark Havenner, VP

37 W. 26th St., #1205, New York, NY 10010

Clients Include:

Advanced Symbolics
Barco Uniforms
The BARR Center
Bel Air Investment Advisors
Blue Green Water Technology
Diamond Resorts
The EXPO Center
Fiesta Parade Floats
For True Foodies Only
General Paints
Jam City
Netafim USA
The Sage Group

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